GUINNESS WORLD RECORD set on Aug 12th, 2012 by our own NitroMike and his fantastic Wheelstanding PT Cruiser.

The old record was 450 feet but Kunz destroyed the record going 763.4 meters (or just over 2503 feet).

The PT Cruiser showed us the power of NitroLube Performance Lubricants.


Northern News Article:


  1. I didn’t take into account the words’ wheelie by a car ‘ , so I hope I don’t get
    slammed for my previous posting. True THE LITTLE RED WAGON was a pickup,but the specific type of vehicle is a small difference when you have cars,
    trucks,hell TANKS, STAGE COACHES, SCHOOL BUSSES even a oversized version of a real western flyer RED WAGON!! So to MIKE a big apology!! You have a beautiful ride & you drive it well.Keep pointed at the sky’cause that’s where the answears can be found!! A friend of BILL’S & wheelstanding & hopefully you as well
    Denson Di Rosa

  2. I agree 2500 + ft is a great run, in a great machine, but what about Bill’Maverick’
    Goldens 4230 ft pass in Carllial Ark. in 1977? I knew the new math was screwed up, but that seems like a difference of around another 1/4 mile or so.Guinness
    needs to reveiw the records, because they issued that record too!

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